We've Been 100% Virtual For Years

As a road warrior consultant, our founder Diane Moura spent decades learning to work effectively out of a suitcase from airports, hotels and client sites.  Living through multiple semi-virtual models from office hoteling to full work-from-home settings in the corporate world, when she launched ZenChange Marketing, after a couple of years of paying for an office no one wanted to work out of, she decided to take the company 100% virtual.  Not only did this provide more flexibility for local employees, but it opened the company up to a wealth of talented team members who due to life circumstances could not commit to a 9-5 physical office setting.  This talented pool of experts included parents with childcare drop-off/pick-up responsibilities, children of aging parents who needed to be driven to medical appointments, people living outside of major urban centers, or simply talented consultants with life conflicts that did not allow them to work a full 40 hour week.  The result was a team of engaged experts appreciative of the flexibility a work-from-home environment provided who were willing to give 110% to make our clients happy.

We realized that we were onto something.  Why couldn’t other businesses learn to adapt all or part of their models to a virtual setting, not only taking advantage of an underutilized talent pool, but creating a resilient model able to withstand local, regional and national crises.  With that, Take My Business Virtual was born.

Our talented team of virtual experts is ready to share lessons and create a practical plan to take your business virtual.

Founder - Diane Moura, BCom., MBA

With 25 years experience in CRM, marketing and process optimization consulting and over 30 years business experience in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia and Latin America Diane has had the opportunity to see what works, risks that will need to be mitigated, and to share that experience with her clients and team. She has consulted with 30 of the Fortune 500 as well with many entrepreneurs and startups. Diane has facilitated over 100 strategy workshops from vision and mission to business strategy and processes, incorporating decision analytics, statistical models and data. She has managed financial and cultural turnarounds and has successfully led sales teams to close deals to $100 million. She has managed teams up to 300 people and annual budgets to $20 million.

When advising clients, Diane is focused on business simplification, growth and profitability. For strategic clients, particularly technology startups, she will take on a Fractional CMO, COO or CEO role to accelerate their growth. Diane is founder and CEO of ZenChange Marketing, a full service marketing firm that handles strategy, social media, web design, SEO, graphic design, content writing and paid campaigns.  She is a co-founder of Bizfuel, a consulting firm that connects small businesses and startups in need of funding with Latin American investors.  She hosts the Entrepreneur podcast on Spotify, iTunes and Google.